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We are Matterblock.

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We invest in & support projects collectively building systems changing financial and societal norms. Our focus is the decentralized future and metaverse, with Web3 foundations at the core.

Our unique value lies in our hands-on experience, network & fundamentals. We have built successful businesses from the ground up and work with some of the industry's leading experts. We look for exceptional teams to match our fundamentals & build new ones with.

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At Matterblock, our lens is finely honed - we’re focused on the elements that matter, the blocks upon which success in the industry is built: distribution & adoption, innovation, collaboration & mentorship, community, marketing and funding.

Why? Because our industry has peaks & troughs, gets frothy & watery but we believe the shift taking place requires strong foundations and fearless leaders.

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There’s plenty of money being thrown around, but it takes more than money to build the future. To be a success in this ecosystem you need access to a Swiss Army Knife of tools, an understanding of the culture, network & exposure. We’re the rarest of investment partners - sharing this access with you. We have the battle-scars and the network needed to support high-quality projects in leaping to your next level and beyond.

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of Matterblock.

The Matterblock blueprint accelerates projects from grassroots to market ready and onward for exponential growth. As well as our fund we operate our OLAA - Open Lab Accelerator & Animator program. OLAA is Matterblock's innovation of the tired model, advancing effectiveness and bridging millions of users from Web2 to Web3. We believe in helping our projects build a story, a community and family - creating & aligning in motion.

Business Success Strategies

11+ years in the industry
Personal support from established CEOs & experts
Review and feedback on your business model
Go-to-market strategy

Tailored Tokenomics

Tokenomics created based on your project. Complex unique mechanisms & new utilities for both token & NFT projects
Token metrics, emissions and breakdown all covered.


Allocation of MatterBlock capital
Bespoke investment and raising strategy
Support with decks and communications
Pitching on behalf of projects

PR / Marketing / Influencers / Events

Unrivalled access to top tier industry publications
Introduction to leading influencers across popular platforms
Elevation opportunities at events such as BlockDown Conference and Istanbul Blockchain Week

Trusted Partners

Unparalleled international networks inclusive of the  flywheel from exchanges, market makers, liquidity providers to community managers, NFT players, and protocols
Personal introductions to key players, true understanding of Web3 ecosystem, after years of experience


Projects brought to market
Assistance with launching
Guidance on achieving further growth and key components at the intersection of community and culture.

& Vision.

Right now we’re at the dawning of a new era, and we know you feel this paradigm shift too. That’s why you’re here.

The changemakers of the future want to own their identities, information and funds - and rebuild the broken systems of the present.

At Matterblock, we believe the decentralized ecosystem is putting power back in the hands of the people, with Web3 as the cornerstone for change.

We’re gathering high-quality projects that share our core values - the bold, the brave and those not interested in being another replica of something that already exists.

History remembers the bold, and as we stand on the precipice of change, the businesses that stay the course are the ones who are committed to their vision, and have a clear path forward.

Matterblock is deeply entrenched in Web3 culture and is ready to be your knowledgeable partner on this journey: we believe in the same things. We care about the same things. We’re on the same side.

Join us at the forefront of Web3.

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You’re a project committed to your vision and dedicated to establishing yourself as a significant contributor to the pushing the culture forward.

You’ve got the vision. You know you’re here to shine a light on the glorious possibilities the future holds thanks to the power of this space…

You’re looking for the best go-to-market strategy, trying to raise capital so you can achieve more and create impact, and wanting to position your project as a true leader in your industry.

You’re ready to work alongside a trusted team of experts who have the best connections in the industry,  and partner with a resource who will take you from where you are now, to where you know you need to be.


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